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Air freight

Speed Air is our name and together with 27 years of experience, we guarantee performance and reliability for all our Greek branches and agents network abroad.

Sea freight

We provide scheduled services for global destinations and origins, offering specialist expertise in the complete range of import and export services for LCL and FCL cargoes.

Road freight

We operate weekly road freight groupage services to /from our Athens & Thessaloniki depots through our overseas agents network all over Europe.

Welcome to Speed Air

Select SPEED AIR for greater: reliability, speed and low cost!

Speed Air Ltd. in Athens was founded in 1986 as a partnership for 3 individuals actively participating in the company.

Speed Air North in Thessaloniki founded in 1992 caters for the North Greek cities and the Balcanic neighbouring countries.

New Athens Airport is suite 528 in building 27 inside the Cargo Terminal. The Head office is in Athens conveniently located in a 5 story free hold owned transport – purpose building, by the old Athens airport.

This facility accommodates airfreight and road freight warehousing needs.

The Thesaloniki office has a similar arrangement serves worldwide destinations directly and most certainly the N. East Greek cities at the Balkans.

IT & Sales
An aggressive sales and operation team backed up with a tailor made computers software provides our international partners with sales leads, routing orders and continuous update and support.


  • Membership of IATA holding a position among the top 10 Greek IATA agents (IATA)
  • Member of the Greek freight forwarders association (SYNDE)
  • Member of the greek chamber of commerce and trade (EBEA) 
  • Official member of the international post office committee (EETT)

A privately owned fleet of 16 VANS and trucks carrying the company colors, takes care of our delivery and collection cargo for the major Greek cities, airports and ports

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Εάν παρόλα αυτά εσείς κρίνετε ότι για λόγους ασφαλείας δεν θέλετε να υπογράψετε για την βεβαίωση της παραλαβής, έχετε το δικαίωμα να μην το κάνετε. Η βεβαίωση θα σας σταλεί ηλεκτρονικά με τον τρόπο που θα μας υποδείξετε.

Η εταιρεία μας προβαίνει σε προληπτικές απολυμάνσεις των οχημάτων της από πιστοποιημένη προς αυτό επιχείρηση.

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